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Marani, M., Belluco, E., D'Alpaos, A., Defina, A., Lanzoni, S., Seminara, G., & Rinaldo, A. (2002). On the geomorphology of tidal environments: The lagoon of venice. Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice, Corila Research Program 2001 Results, I, 661–678. 
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Categorie: General
Keywords: extend abstract corila, idraulica, idrodinamica, modello matematico, morfologia, processi ambientali - Environmental Processes, sedimentologia
Creatori: Belluco, D'Alpaos, Defina, Lanzoni, Marani, Rinaldo, Seminara
Collezione: Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice, Corila Research Program 2001 Results
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Observational evidence is presented on the geometry of meandering tidal channels and on the drainage density of tidal networks evolved within coastal wetlands characterized by different tidal, hydrodynamic, topographic, vegetational and ecological features. We analyze at first the geometrical properties of tidal meanders, with possible dynamic implications on their evolution. In particular, it is shown that large spatial gradients of leading flow rates induce important spatial variabilities of meander wavelengths and widths, while their ratio remains remarkably constant in the range of scales of observation. This suggests a locally adapted evolution, involving the morphological adjustment to the chief landforming events driven by local hydrodynamics. In the second part of our study we perform theoretical and observational analyses of the drainage density of tidal networks. We show that, in spite of the apparent site-specific features of morphological variability, conventional measures of drainage density appear to be quite constant in space and time indicating a similarity of forms. We emphasize that such similarity is an artifact of the Hortonian measure. Since important morphological differences may only be captured by introducing measures of the extent of unchanneled flows, whose determination requires the definition of suitable drainage directions defined by hydrodynamic gradients, in this work we study for the first time the distribution of unchanneled lenghts in a tidal environment.
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