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Baldi, F., & Marcon, R. (2002). Preliminary results on degradation of organic compounds by microbial communities in venice lagoon. Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice, Corila Research Program 2001 Results, I, 365–371. 
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Categorie: General
Keywords: biologia, extend abstract corila, metabolismo, processi ambientali - Environmental Processes
Creatori: Baldi, Marcon
Collezione: Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice, Corila Research Program 2001 Results
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Studies of microbial population in the Venice Lagoon are lacking. The importance of microbes in degradation of organic matter together with nutrient recycling is an important task in marine and brackish water environments.
In Venice Lagoon inputs of organic compounds from urban wastes combine with organic compounds mainly hydrocarbons from the industrial activity in Marghera (VE). In the framework of CORILA project, our research unit have the task to investigate bacterial degradation of organic compounds in sediments of Venice Lagoon. In this preliminary
survey, an innovative test BIOLOG™ was used. This test is very successful applied in determining microbial populations in soils and just recently is used for marine sediments (Ivanova et al. 1998; Ivanova et al.
2000, Kaye, et. al., 2000; Mayr et al., 1999). PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) degradation was considered an important task. PAHs are a wide class of organic molecules with two or more condensed aromatic rings, which polluted several areas in the Venice Lagoon. Many studies deals with PAH microbial degradation in soils and very few in marine ecosystems (Daane et al., 2001, Hedlund, et al., 1999; Hedlund, et al., 2001a; Hedlund, et al., 2001b; Maki et al, 2001).
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