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Bisol, P. M. (2002). Ecogenetic biodiversity in "Zosterissesor ophiocephalus" from the lagoon of venice: I gene-enzyme polymorphisms. Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice, Corila Research Program 2001 Results, I, 601–608. 
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Categorie: General
Keywords: biodiversità - Biodiversity, biologia, extend abstract corila, pesci, processi ambientali - Environmental Processes
Creatori: Bisol
Collezione: Scientific Research and Safeguarding of Venice, Corila Research Program 2001 Results
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In the framework of investigations focused on biodiversity in the Lagoon of Venice, attention has been devoted to enzymatic variability in the gobiid Zosterisessor ophiocephalus. This fish is widespread in the lagoon and plays an important role on the brackish waters community.
The main point of the research is the evaluation of genetic polymorphisms and their ecological implications.
In fact, biological diversity includes the genetic variation within species, both among geographically separated populations and among individuals within single populations.
Natural selection and genetic drift can alter the distribution of variants in time and local differences in the physical and biological environment can cause differentiation in space.
Genetic variation in demographic parameters can have significant effects on population dynamics within species as well as affecting other species in the food web. These processes involve the recursive interaction of four different elements: a) variation in allele frequencies, b) variation in morphological or physiological design, c) variation in ecological performance, d) variation in demographic output (Feder and Watt, 1992).
Many agents affect the connections between such elements: environmental background and population structure, ontogeny and developmental processes, phenotypical responses and gene expression.
Hence the necessity for an interdisciplinary approach at the genomic, individual and population levels to investigate the relationships between genetic biodiversity and environmental factors.
This paper reports the first results obtained following the use of electrophoretic techniques and describes the enzyme polymorphisms in Zosterisessor ophiocephalus.
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